13 Sins premium e-liquids

13 Sins premium e-liquids

It is frankly a rare thing for me to write up about any e-liquids. Generally I find few that warrant the time to do so.

13 Sins premium e-liquids

13 Sins is a new range of e-liquids from Nigel Quine, the man behind Cuts Ice and T-Juice brands (to name but a couple). After spending over a year in development he has readied the first 4 from a range that will expand to become 13 in total.

In the sample pack I received were Trixi 2, Jack 3, Suzy 6 and Nia 9.

Each in a dark glass 30ml dropper bottle, with the following descriptions from the company…

Trixi 2: A full on vape sensation, packed full of cool zingy freshness. An electrifying combination of stimulating mint, lemongrass and lime, coupled with the smooth fruitiness of apricot and apple and just a slight lick of aniseed. Trixi is a tantalising temptress of the taste buds.

Jack 3: A powerfully moreish toffee popcorn punch, for lovers of all things dessert. The flavour combination is made up of a ripe and bruised banana undertone, and notes of coconut, caramel, raspberries and clotted cream. Jack will keep you coming back for more.

Suzy 6: A fruity burst of sweet candy zests, which will excite your taste buds. There are overtones of strawberry, watermelon, and raspberries, followed by a smooth, cream soda exhale with just a hint of freshness. Suzy is a silently seductive all day vape.

Nia 9: A fragrant and inescapably alluring blend of chai spice, mingled with complex notes of wild red berries and vanilla cream. Nia is a subtle, yet sensory enslaving ADV, with facets of blackcurrant and tangy citrus, which leave the satisfying, sweet aftertaste of warmed sugar on the palate.

Further, each has a different ratio of Vegetable Glycerine and Propylene Glycol with Trixi 2 at 30PG/70VG, Jack 3 at 40PG/60VG, Suzy 6 at 50PG/50VG and Nia 9 at 30PG/70VG.

Each 13 Sins e-liquid is available in either 0, 3, 6 or 12 milligram nicotine strength. The company state that all nicotine and diluents are USP/EP grade (pharmaceutical).


So, what did I think of 13 Sins…

Those that know me will be aware that I am not a fan of aniseed based e-liquids, yet Trixi 2 was not bad even considering this. The mint wasn’t so much minty in taste as a subtle freshness to the vape. There was a definite citrus taste to the liquid with enough aniseed to know it was there but not to make it unpalatable to someone like me (who doesn’t like aniseed).

Jack 3 was, by far, my favourite of the 4. The bottle lasted mere days. It was very reminiscent of a vanilla custard but with differences that made it stand out. There is a definate taste of toffee popcorn there, that store bought pre-made crunchy sort that superstores sell. The ‘ripe and bruised’ banana flavour reminded me more of those candy foam banana sweets more than anything else. The coconut, raspberry and cream didn’t stand out as flavours to my limited palette, yet there were ‘tones’ in the flavour that suggested something else was there, I just couldn’t quite identify what (without reading the company description).

Suzy 6 is the flavour I am vaping right now as I write. It is a delightful vape that reminds me of a summer punch filled with fresh fruits. The watermelon is fresh and the most notable of the flavours, with wild berry notes being just behind it. There is a little creaminess and freshness to the vape but nothing you would notice without really ‘looking’ for it. This bottle isn’t going to last long either.

Nia 9 was the first bottle I opened. It was the bottle that made me think I should try the others promptly. There is a definate ‘fruits of the forest’ flavour to it, with some calming ‘tea-ness’ to it. It reminded me a lot of a French boutique (Dammann Freres) ‘4 Fruits Rouge’ tea from Paris that I had once.

I always appreciate glass dropper bottles, they make me feel like the contents have higher value. That said I hope that these will also become available in 30ml soft squeeze bottles for those that use tanks rather than drippers.

As I said at the outset, it is rare that I write about e-liquids. Unless they impress me I find it hard to find the words to talk about them.
These impressed.

Each one is sold on the 13 Sins web-store at £18 per 30ml bottle.

Further information, including a retail store and wholesale information can be found at the 13 Sins website here 13 Sins website

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