Alchemy e-liquid range

Alchemy e-liquid range

This week I will take a look at the 3rd of the ranges, the Alchemy e-liquid range.

In the earlier 2 reviews I refered to the 3 ranges being from Truvapes. That was in fact an error. The Truvape ranges, Signature and Nostalgia from the previous 2 reviews, are produced by Sky Throne. The Alchemy range this week is also Sky Throne but not part of the Truvapes range.
OK, that done, let’s press on.

Truvapes Alchemy e-liquid range

Possibly the most ambitious of the recipes from Sky Throne, this range consists of 10 recipes as follows …

alchemy recipes

Like I said, ambitious recipes but do they work ?

Well, for starters 3 of them were off the ‘menu’ for me as I am not a fan of aniseed/liquorice flavours. After that we have 7 left to try out, 5 teas and 2 others.

The 5 teas I tried (Shifu’s Kung Fu Tea Liquid, Masala Chai, Sunshine Grey, Natural Living and Perchance to Dream) were all very nice. Each had its own distinctive tea taste and subtle additional notes. They were all rather nice to vape (considering I am not a tea drinker by habit) and Shifu’s Kung Fu Tea Liquid with its dragon fruit, and Sunshine Grey with its honey and lemon were both particular favourites of mine.
Of the 2 ‘others’ that I tried there was English Garden Party which really reminds you of those ‘clichéd’ cucumber sandwiches and Wild Bramble which is a stunning trip (backwards lol) through the hedgerows of the countryside with its berries, honey and vanilla.

I would say, that if you are a tea e-liquid fan, the bottom five of the ‘menu’ are likely to be a welcome addition and should be tried out.
The English Garden Party and the Wild Bramble are really nice, maybe a great vape for those summer days when the sun comes out and you can sit on the terrace.
Sadly I couldn’t try the last 3 aniseed based liquids, but if the other 7 are anything to go by then they should be a good option for aniseed fans.

Bottles are glass with a glass pipette dropper cap, and arrive in a large cardboard cylinder box. Both are tamper sealed for security.

All of the Sky Throne ranges are 50/50 pharmaceutical grade PG/VG and nicotine with 0,6,12 and 18mg options.

As with the previous two ranges, the 50/50 blend is a good compromise of flavour and vapour.

Cost is £6 per 10ml bottle.

Alchemy e-liquids are available on their website at logotv

And more information is on their Facebookpage

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