Dandy range of liquids from Liquideo

Liquideo Dandy Liquideo Dandy Liquideo Dandy

This week I have been vaping 3 (out of a range of 11) of the new range of eliquids from Liquideo called Dandy. This new Dandy range is intended to add a new ‘prestige’ to their existing flavours.

The 3 I have tried so far are as follows :-

Saint Germain – A wind of revolution, the memories of a certain month of May, all the freshness of this generation.

Spock – Thank you captain for these sensations beyond the reel.

Iggy – Secrets of the Orient with notes of spices, of cloves with a dominant warm tobacco.

The 3 descriptions are from the Liquideo descriptions (translated from French) and they are quite hard to describe otherwise but, Saint Germain is strong menthol , Spock is (I guess) a dragon-fruit mixture and Iggy is Oriental tobacco as their main flavours. These flavours are nice and well blended for a satisfying tasty vape.

Liquideo don’t state the ratio but they are all PG/VG blends and they produce good vapour with medium throat hit. Although my samples were zero-nicotine they are available in 0,6,12 & 18mg/ml nicotine.

All give a really nice vape and good flavour , the descriptions are a bit vague but , worth the try in my opinion. I would like to see a contents list to tell me things like the PG/VG ratio and other basic blend info as well as the basic flavour recipe ( a reference to the freshness of spring is all well and good but a ‘strong menthol’ note somewhere would help)

The liquid is supplied in nice small glass bottles with an ‘eye dropper’ cap. Pricing is at 8.90euro for 15ml bottles (which is the market normal for this level of liquid) and it can be bought from Liquideos’ Store and other resellers.

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