Green Vapes e-liquids

Green Vapes e-liquids

Back in March this year I went to the Bordeaux Vapexpo, there I met Pascal of Green Vapes and left with a few 15ml bottles of e-liquid to try.
I rather liked their e-liquids, so much so that by the time I had decided to review them the bottles were mostly emptied and I had little to photograph.

Then, last month I went to the Paris Vapexpo and headed to re-visit the Green Vapes stand and chatted with Pascal some more about his products.

Green Vapes

All Green Vapes e-liquids are made with a blend of 60/40 ratio of pharmaceutical grade PG/VG, and  pharmaceutical grade nicotine content where applicable.
There are nicotine strengths of 6, 11 and 16mg and additionally zero-nicotine variants for those who want to vape without nicotine.
All the flavourings used in his recipes are from reputable and recognised suppliers from the vaping industry.

Green Vapes

On my initial visit, Green Vapes has 2 ranges. The Silver range and the more refined Signature range. Since then he has added a 3rd range,  Amethyst which is his complex flagship range. Currently there is just the first of the Amethyst e-liquids available called ‘Triple X’.

Green Vapes Green Vapes

As you can see, those 15ml bottles were emptied (or half emptied in a couple) and I had to stop quickly until I got more to photograph. There is one bottle that was bone dry before I realised it (my favourite Greens Custard).

My personal favourites from the range (and I have only tried 7 so far) are the ‘Greens Custard’, the ‘Lemon Crush’ and the ‘Triple X’.
Greens Custard was the bottle I drained completely in less than a day after the Bordeaux Vapexpo, it is a great great custard and I would gladly vape it all day every day.
I am a massive fan of lemon pies/tarts (Tarte Citron) yet every e-liquid I have tried has been a little too much biscuit/pastry and too light on the lemon. Green Vapes Lemon Crush is the perfect balance of biscuit to lemon in my opinion, with the lemon being the star of the show and the biscuit complimenting it rather than dominating it.
The Triple X from the new Amethyst range is a complex e-liquid with mandarin, ginger, coconut and mocha coffee in it. I have struggled with ‘orange’ flavours in the past due to a certain oiliness to the taste but, Green Vapes has managed to get a subtle, blossomy mandarin flavour (without that oily taste) and complimented it with some delicate and interesting additional notes from the other flavours.

I urge you to try at least these three.

Currently Green Vapes is sold by several resellers in France, there is also the Green Vapes website which list those resellers at  Green Vapes and their Facebook page at Green Vapes

Additionally there is the online store of Le Petit Vapoteur who carry the widest range of Green Vapes e-liquids and are currently working on an English page for those outside of France.
Their site is at Le Petit Vapoteur

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