Grizzly Vapes E-Liquids

Being as it is the weekend, and I haven’t done a juice review for a long time, I thought I would take a look at some juice.
Grizzly Vapes are a maker of juice from the USA who were kind enough to arrange a few bottles for me to try out.

Grizzly Vapes E-Liquids

The flavour profile of these liquids is extremely complex and quite hard to describe but ….

Nanner Bear is the core product and is a blend of Banana, Coconut and a hint of Perique Tobacco mixed in a very unique manner so they require no steeping at all.
Koko Bear is the same core liquid with a hint of cocoa flavour added.
Polar Bear (my personal favourite of the 3) is again the same core liquid with a hint of menthol added.

They are all made as ‘Max VG’ which means they are made with VG, nicotine and flavourings. No distilled water or PG. As some flavourings do contain PG, they decided to call them Max rather than 100% VG.

Nicotine is pharmaceutical grade, VG is ‘USP Grade’ and flavourings are all supplied to Grizzly by respected and reputable e-cig flavour maker The Perfumers Apprentice.

I suffer from ‘Vapers Tongue’ occasionally (if you vape the same flavour it starts tasting of nothing) and so I am rather fond of a mild menthol juice to reduce that. Because of this the Polar Bear was opened a couple of days ago and rather than vape a few mls, I have empty the bottle.
They are very very thick liquids and are ideal for drippers, they do work in other atomisers but in drippers they just excel. I don’t know if it is the thickness of the liquid or some ‘secret’ formula in their production but these liquids ‘pump out’ a voluptuous vapour which is almost marshmallow like density.

I cannot recommend these liquids highly enough, OK you may well think the flavours sound wrong for you but seriously pick one and try it. You, like me, will not be disappointed.

They sell in 15 and 30ml bottles (£12.50 (15.80 euro) or $15 for 30ml bottle) in both the USA and Europe from …

in the USA steammonkey

in the EUspiritusvapes-lifeisfluid

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