January E-liquids round-up

January E-liquids round-up

This Xmas a good friend sent me a box full of new e-liquids to enjoy.
They are all from Italian juice companies, but made in the USA to exacting USA pharmaceutical standards.
All of them are glass bottled (with dropper tops) and delicious.


The first is Mad Juices (a sister company of Neurotech, the mod makers).

The Mad Juices

Each of the Mad Juices are 10% PG and 90%VG, come in 30ml amber glass bottles and are available in either 0,3 or 6mg/ml strengths.

Vial of Ecstasy
Flavours: Custard, some Caramel and Graham Cracker

Elixir of Dreams
Flavours: French Vanilla with a nice touch of Strawberry and Raspberry


Next is Neurotechs own brand juices

Neurotech E-Liquids

Each of the Neurotech E-Liquids are 30% PG and 70%VG, come in 30ml Cobalt blue glass bottles and are available in either 0,3 or 6mg/ml strengths.

Flavours: Cotton Candy mixed up with a Caramelized Popcorn and…?

Flavours: Marshmallow and Coconut with French Vanilla Cream

Flavours: Fruit Loops and Crunch Berry mixed up with a  Custard Milkshake


Finally we have Hunter Juices.

Hunter Juices

Each of the Hunter Juices are 30% PG and 70%VG, come in 30ml clear glass bottles and are available in either 0,3 or 6mg/ml strengths.

Jillian the Maniac
Flavours: Banana Cream with Caramel and Peanut Butter

Ewing the Razor
Flavours: Belgian Waffle, some strawberries, banana cream and an hint of sweet chocolate

Redd Bulletproof
Flavours: Raspberry/blueberry Cheesecake

Frankly I can say they are all delicious but, Jillian the Maniac was my favourite of the Hunter Juices, Adrenaline my favourite of the Neurotech Juices and Vial of Ecstasy from the Mad Juices was my overall favourite of them all.
They are all well blended and well balanced liquids, each with its own distinct flavour that just works.
Each has a good balance of PG for flavour and VG for vapour, they just give a good amount of both.
All in all it was a great time to receive some new liquids to try out and over the Xmas holidays I had a great time vaping them all.

For those wanting more information on these brands or to find resellers…

Hunter Juices Neurotech E-Liquids The Mad Juices

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