KTS E Liquids

KTS E Liquids

I hope you all had a great holidays and wish you all a Happy New Year. This week I am taking a quick look at some KTS E Liquids.

I was sent a batch of 7 from their range as follows …

KTS E Liquids


Old Oak Tree – Rustival flavour of light tobacco with a taste of refreshing reat in a shadow of the big Oak tree..

KTS E Liquids

Dreamcatcher – This Juice is a result of maker’s quest to create an exquisite wild berry aroma that will make your dreams mystical and fruity.

KTS E Liquids

Lucky 13 – The taste of fresh and intense tobacco mixture with a subtle hint of honey. It is giving you many experiences with each puff…

KTS E Liquids

Inferno – Complexed composition of heavenly made tobacco flavours inter-weaved with infernal secrets. It’s to die for..

KTS E Liquids

Sweet Element – Once Upon a time, in a kingdom far, far away, there was an alchemist who had a sweet tooth. He spent all of his lifetime and wisdom into combining elements to make the ultimate one..

KTS E Liquids

Hedonist – For that moment of deep thought, while sitting by the fireplace in dimmed light… for pleasure moments after pleasure.

KTS E Liquids

Joker – The Original Liquid with a various flavours of tobacco that keeps you surprised with time while new notes emerge to surface..

These are of course the KTS descriptions of the range, not my own.

KTS E Liquids KTS E Liquids

KTS E Liquids are available in 10 and 30ml choices with options for nicotine strengths of 0, 6, 9, 12 and 18mg/ml. They also offer choices of base mixtures of 30/70, 50/50, 70/30 and pure PG or pure VG so that you can choose your balance of flavour/cloud.
KTS have certified pharmaceutical grades of nicotine and base liquids in their E Liquids.

I selected a 12mg 70VG/30PG blend in my samples.

The descriptions are not exactly the most helpful for selecting a liquid, leaning more on the ‘artistic’ description and not so much of a description of the actual taste.

My palette isn’t exactly that of a chef or food critic, but I will do my best.
Dreamcatcher is a Fruits of the Forest blend, Sweet Element is Bavarian cream with a mixed fruit blend, Lucky 13 is a dark tobacco with honey, Joker is a dark tobacco with notes of dark chocolate and wine, Old Oak Tree is a light tobacco with fruit blend, Hedonist is a light tobacco with a note of rum and cream, lastly Inferno is a light tobacco with tropical fruit notes.

I can say though that all of the KTS E Liquids are tasty and flavourful. The vape is most pleasant in each case. Each bottle is glass and has a pipette cap to allow easy juice transfer, ideal for dripping which I can thoroughly recommend with these liquids.

Currently available from ..


Prices start at 6.50 Euros for 10ml and 16.00 Euros for 30ml.

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