TruVape Nostalgia e-liquids

TruVape Nostalgia e-liquids

2 weeks ago I told you all about TruVapes Signature e-liquids, this week I will be taking a look at the TruVape Nostalgia e-liquids range.

TruVape Nostalgia e-liquids

Many (many many) years ago, when I was much younger, I used to like ‘penny sweets’ such as the fruit salad chew. So much so that in my 20’s I used them, in a blender with vodka, to make a very sweet cocktail shooter. Suffice as to say, I am a very big fan of that pineapple and raspberry sweet.

Back in September, whilst chatting to a friend about something completely different, I spotted these 5 flavours over his shoulder and asked for some to try out. Things got forgotten and I never got the chance to try them out.
That is until a couple of weeks ago when they arrived, along with some other TruVape e-liquids.

The Nostalgia range is of 5 old-time candy-store sweets, described in the picture below.

TruVape Nostalgia e-liquids

The e-liquids are presented in a box which has a security seal on both ends and a tamper wrap on the bottles inside. You can be sure that no one has tampered with your e-liquid.

All of the TruVape ranges are 50/50 pharmaceutical grade PG/VG and nicotine with 0,6,12 and 18mg options.

Now I am not a fan of liquorice and I hated parma violet sweets, so neither of those e-liquid flavours have been tried by me. The others however I have tried, killed the bottles in record time in fact.
All 3 of them are as close to the candy versions as I think could be achieve with vaping, and I loved them.

As with the Signature range from a fortnight ago, the 50/50 blend is a good compromise of flavour and vapour.

Truvape Nostalgia e-liquids are available on their website at TruVape

And more information is on their Facebookpage

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