TruVape Signature e-liquids

TruVape Signature e-liquids

This week I will be taking a look at some e-liquids I was sent by TruVape, specifically the TruVape Signature e-liquids range.

TruVape Signature e-liquids

These liquids are part of a larger range which includes the Nostalgia and Alchemy e-liquids, which I shall be reviewing soon.
All of the TruVape ranges are 50/50 pharmaceutical grade PG/VG and nicotine with 0,6,12 and 18mg options.

Rather than type out all the flavour names and descriptions, here is a copy of the relevant page from their catalogue.

Signature Flavours

As you can see, real descriptions of the flavours you can expect to find in each liquid. This makes selection a lot easier for the customer.

I can not pretend to have tried all of these liquids, as I do not like certain flavours personally, yet those I have tried (more than half of the selection) have been very enjoyable.
With the 50/50 blend you get a good balance of vapour versus flavour.

The e-liquids are presented in a box which has a security seal on both ends and a tamper wrap on the bottles inside. You can be sure that no one has tampered with your e-liquid.

I was especially fond of the Light Fantastic, Chelsea Girl, Hula Hula and the Raging Bull flavours. Each of them (as did the others I tried) gave me exactly the flavour I expected, based from the description, and was most enjoyable to vape.

The expected price is £5 per 10ml bottle.

Truvape Signature e-liquids will be available soon on their webiste at TruVape

I am sure they will announce the launch on their Facebookpage


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