VIP Arcadia Gran Reserva e-liquids

VIP Arcadia Gran Reserva e-liquids

Just before Christmas I was contacted by a nice man from VIP eCig. He asked if I would like to try out a couple of their e-liquids, and I of course said yes.
They sent me a set of 4 flavours from their VIP Arcadia Gran Reserva e-liquids range…

VIP Arcadia Gran Reserva e-liquids

Melontastic, The Heretic, Night Screamer and Divinity.
Although named with these somewhat less than flavour describing names, each of the bottles (and online descriptions) does tell you the flavours of these liquids.

Melontastic is a blend of watermelon, cantaloupe, honeydew and bubblegum;
The Heretic is a blend of cookie, banana and cinnamon;
Night Screamer is a blend of lemonade, vanilla ice cream and strawberry;
Divinity is a blend of blueberry, cream and pomegranate.

Each of the e-liquids is made from 70VG and 30PG base liquids that are USP/EP certified with choices of nicotine strength that is also USP/EP certified.

Over the holidays I tried (in fact it was a rare case of finished) them all. Each was exactly as described and I could detect the claimed flavours to some degree or another. In fact I found each to be a very nice and satisfying vape, good cloud and good flavour.

At £4.50 per 10ml bottle the price isn’t great but it is reasonable, sadly the new EU laws prohibit the value of a 30ml bottle anymore in Europe.

These were 4 from the range of 12 flavours in the Arcadia Gran Reserva label, they also have other e-liquid ranges as well which I look forward to sampling soon.

You can order all of VIP eCigs liquids, as well as some other items, from their website at
They are based in the UK but can ship internationally if needed.

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