Timbo ventures into DIY mod building.

Timbo ventures into DIY mod building.

As the title suggests, I am going to make a mod myself.
I have assembled a few items, shown below, with a couple more yet to arrive. I intend to make myself a DIY ‘Squonker’ project.

DIY mod building

I will soon start on this adventure, and post progress reports and photos.

Hope you will all enjoy the article.


Update #1

The box for this project was already chosen and Floris has posted some pictures of it on Facebook here.


Below a couple of photos from that collection for those without Facebook to enjoy.

DIY mod building DIY mod building DIY mod building

Floris does some excellent work, I look forward to seeing this beauty in the flesh.
For those wondering, he is also on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/boxmod.org
His web-store is http://boxmod.ecwid.com/

Update #2

Today the box will be arriving (according to my tracking), and will undergo its treatment in teak oil and then polishing.
I will post a few pictures of the before and after for you all later today.

And, here they are…

DIY mod building DIY mod building DIY mod building

Stunning piece of work from boxmods.org just can fault the quality. Above are just after I had ‘oiled’ the wood, the parts are just placed in-situ for a better picture.

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