SX Mini Update

SX Mini Update

Just four short weeks ago I reviewed the YiHi SX Mini box mod. See here

I was not entirely happy with the 510 connection on it, it was OK but too little adjustment for my liking. YiHi claimed a 4.5mm adjustment which left my Kayfun 3 Lite and (more so) Magma RDA sitting proud and not flush.

YiHi seemed unhappy to rest with the SX Mini as it was and have updated the device with a couple of changes.

SX Mini UpdateIMG_0897

Firstly a cosmetic change, the body now has a SX Mini logo on it. In the picture on the right you can see it was missing before.

SX Mini Update

Far more importantly (at least to me) is the 510 changes. Before the 510 was adjustable to 4.5mm maximum, now it is 5.1mm maximum. This means that even the notoriously deep 510 of the Magma RDA will sit entirely flush.
Additionally, a couple of users had tried to adjust (I assume for atomisers that wouldn’t sit flush) by turning the 510 positive pin with a screwdriver. This caused the 510 connector to break and render the device useless. YiHi have remedied this issue as well by removing the flat-head screwdriver slot that used to be in the 510 positive, the 510 is self adjusting (now even to the deepest 510 I know of) so the slot wasn’t needed.

Buyers of the device should look for the new 510 design as above, if they have any atomisers with greater than 4.5mm 510 connectors (otherwise they need not be concerned).

There is absolutely nothing wrong with the old design if you have ‘normal’ 510 depth atomisers, you should only avoid turning the 510 with a screwdriver.

I was fairly pleased with this device before, I am now delighted with it even if the bottom corners are still a little pointy.

The device seems to be proving so popular that the online store prices are still $190 (£150)

More information is available from the YiHi website here YiHi web
The site has also has an authenticity checker (via the warranty serial number) and the software/firmares to upgrade the device with.
and their Facebook page here facebook

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