Joyetech Delta 2 atomiser

Joyetech Delta 2 atomiser

This week I take a look at the Joyetech Delta 2 atomiser.

Joyetech Delta 2

It arrives in a sturdy cardboard box,

Joyetech Delta 2

with a decent foam insert to protect your new atomiser.

Joyetech Delta 2

Under the foam, user guides for the atomiser and RBA head, warranty card (includes authenticity checker), some cotton, wire, spare screws (for the RBA head) and a screwdriver.

Joyetech Delta 2

Here is the Joyetech Delta 2 and RBA head. The atomiser is etched with the Delta 2 and Joyetech logos.
Including the drip tip it is 70mm long and it has a standard 22mm diameter.

Joyetech Delta 2

The drip tip is a fairly wide bore.

Joyetech Delta 2

It is a stainless over POM style, single o-ring and can be replaced with any standard drip tip if you wish.

Joyetech Delta 2

The base has a stainless, non adjustable 510 positive pin. It is also etched with the CE and ‘do not recycle’ symbols.

Joyetech Delta 2

It features a long adjustable air flow slot on both sides, a simple turn opens/closes these slots to your required air flow.

Joyetech Delta 2 Joyetech Delta 2

The tank is stainless over a glass sleeve, it features a 3 slot ‘window’ to view juice level. Filling is done down the side, between the tank and the center ‘chimney’.
The ‘chimney’ is where the coil head sits, sealed with a ‘food safe’ rubber washer to prevent leaks.
It has a capacity of 3.5ml

Joyetech Delta 2 Joyetech Delta 2

The Joyetech Delta 2 head has (what is so far) a unique feature for replaceable heads of this sort. It has a juice control, twist the collar to open/close the 2 juice holes.

Joyetech Delta 2 Joyetech Delta 2 Joyetech Delta 2

The heads are vertical coiled, surrounded with cotton and topped with a steel mesh to keep the cotton in shape longer.
The head bases have large airways to let in the air over the coil, and screw into the atomiser base to contact the positive pin.

Joyetech Delta 2

Additionally, the kit contains an extra head. This is the RBA head for those wishing to rebuild their coils.

Joyetech Delta 2

It has a familiar design, which is easy to dismantle, build and reassemble.

Joyetech Delta 2 Joyetech Delta 2

Large air hole under the coil, wire holes and neatly milled juice channels.


So opinions …

I reviewed the original Delta atomiser 6 months ago and rather liked it, Joyetech have come back now with a new version with some great improvements to the device.

Now the Delta 2 is 22mm and not the 23mm of its predecessor, it has a far more normal drip tip as standard.

I personally prefer the windows of the older Delta, a little easier to see the juice level in the tank even if the 3 slot is nicer looking.

The airflow control is almost identical but with a little more flow at fully open.

The big changes are the heads, these are superb…

The replaceable head is bigger than before and its vertical coil and cotton design give it a great flavour and vapour production at up to about 45 watts.

I am not 100% convinced that the juice flow control is absolutely needed, but if a user finds his coil is over wicking they can close it up a bit and keep going.

The RBA head seems to be becoming a standard addition to this class of atomiser now, that said the Joyetech RBA head is well made and machined, works well and is easy to use.

Having used this atomiser over the last week I am more than happy with it and have little to complain about (wouldn’t mind a larger juice window though).

Available from your favourite Joyetech seller for …

The Delta 2 is listed at 40 dollars/euros,
the replacement heads are listed at 25 dollars/euros for a pack of 5,
should you need another RBA head, it is 15 dollars/euros.

More information available from Joyetech website Joyetech Delta atomiserandfacebook (Custom)

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7 thoughts on “Joyetech Delta 2 atomiser


    Doss the rba head of the delta 2 have the juice flow control option on its head? I’m ready for a new tank and seem to have gravitated towards juice control option rta like the rose v2, tilemahos and the previous gg atomizers. Controlling juice flow means to me clean pockets. Just turn off the juice or down and pocket device. Any insight would be helpful.

    1. timbozero

      Sorry to tell you that the replaceable heads are juice controlled but the RBA head is not. I feel that under normal conditions it wouldn’t leak/flood, but heat or pressure changes could cause some excess juice.

  2. Jonathan

    Can the glass sleeve be replaced on the delta 2? My glass is broken & I LOVE the tank. Just wanna know if there’s ANY way to repair it without purchasing another tank.

    1. timbozero

      Hi Jonathan, not that I know of. I also broke the glass inside the tank and I could not see a way to remove it.

  3. Amanda

    Have been reading your reviews & such… thanks for taking the time to put them out there for all of us. That being said, perhaps different here, in the US, but the Delta=II retail version does not come “with” the RBA portion, it must be purchased additionally. Doesn’t matter to me, but have seen many complaining that (supposedly) these replacement heads contain another material too.. perhaps a ceramic material, & a tiny amt of cotton as well.. & that they could “taste” some difference. I couldn’t say for sure tho, since A) I’m not willing to rip apart a new coil.. lol… & B) In addition to Japanese cotton, I’ve also used ceramic ready-wick from RBAsupplies for nearly a year now’; by choice, esp after watching pBusardo’s wicking video (fast, NO dry hits, smallest pc lasts forever, can use cotton to supplement build, in wells.. best part, can just dry burn when changing flavors, etc… & it goes RIGHT back to white/brand new every time, like magic! So kool! lol) Anyhooo, have had NOOOO issues with it to date, in any way… so.. doubt I could tell the difference, in taste, if there was one.. or be one to judge it’s use being bad or anything, having not a thing to back that up, ya know? So far, tho others are different for several reasons… the Delta-II has been providing really good “flavor”. Wish it were easier to fill & see the liquid level, but.. ‘meh, just me being petty (or lazy. LOL) Oh, also wanted to tell you that there is a clearomizer “SMOK.. VCT” that has choice of kit/coils.. A1, X1, X2, RBA… & now a nickel choice also for it’s newly added Gimlet tank.. The stock A-1 coils have been out for some time now… & also have the liquid control on its replaceable coil heads. (can see them at SMOK site or… madvapes) Speaking of SMOK tho.. while you’re there on the site, check out their upcoming SMOK xProBT…. =o gasp, whaaat? yup! Colors! Jeez, I’m gonna be spending a fortune. LOL Whuh oh… just saw that ALL the Joyetech new(est) stuff now has a SS…. OR BLACK color choice option. Woot woot. Ok, gonna go pout in my jealousy now, over you already having that new SX mini(M) ….. so pricey, but.. I must… have…. that… pink…. one! (looks like they may have done away with the pink/black version, only keeping the silver/pink) …. Sigh, soon enough, I guess. Then again, seems there’s aways SOMETHING new(er) or updated (again) & it drives me craaaazy. Can’t even keep up anymore, I swear! Arrrrgh, CALGON, take me awayyyy! =P LIVE LONG(er) & VAPE ON!

  4. Alex

    I’m wondering what is the best way to clean the delta 2 when changing flavors, and how can you tell if the wick is gunked up due to the wire mesh over top of it?

    1. timbozero

      I just leave mine soak in water overnight and use another atomiser. As for the coil heads, even without the mesh you wouldn’t notice them gunk up, the wick gets really nasty really quick around the coil 🙁

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