Joyetech Ornate tank atomiser

Joyetech Ornate

This week I am taking a look at the Joyetech Ornate top filling tank atomiser.

Joyetech Ornate Joyetech Ornate

The Joyetech Ornate atomiser comes in a nice cardboard box with the device clearly pictured on the cover.
Inside the atomiser is nested in a protective foam cradle, with an accessories box beside it.

Joyetech Ornate Joyetech Ornate Joyetech Ornate

Documentation consists of a warning card, warranty card and user guide.

Joyetech Ornate Joyetech Ornate

The accessories box contains some spare o-rings,spare glass tank, an drip tip adaptor and spare coil.

Joyetech Ornate Joyetech Ornate Joyetech Ornate

The spares are mostly replacements for wear and tear with the exception on the drip tip adaptor.
This adaptor fits in place of the stock over-sized drip tip to allow the use of standard sized drip tips (if you wish).

Joyetech Ornate Joyetech Ornate Joyetech Ornate

The Joyetech Ornate comes with a triple coil pre-installed (which we will see later), the spare coil is a stainless steel coil for temperature controlled vaping.
Here are a couple of pictures of this 0.15ohm coil head.

Joyetech Ornate

And here we have our Joyetech Ornate atomiser.

Joyetech Ornate Joyetech Ornate

It features an over-sized wide bore drip tip with massive air flow. With the adaptor this could be replaced with any drip tip from your collection.

Joyetech Ornate Joyetech Ornate Joyetech Ornate

The Joyetech Ornate features a top filling tank, which is accessed by unscrewing the top cap to reveal two large fill channels.

Joyetech Ornate Joyetech Ornate

The tank top can be unscrewed, this allows coil head replacement, tank replacement (if you crack the installed one) and eases cleaning.

Joyetech Ornate Joyetech Ornate Joyetech Ornate Joyetech Ornate

The Joyetech Ornate atomiser comes with a triple coil head installed, this (unlike the stainless coil) has a collar on the head that turns to allow liquid flow control.

Joyetech Ornate

The coil head has a triple vertical coil design, it is also 0.15ohms and has a clapton coil style of winding.
Both the ciol heads have a cotton wick material.

Joyetech Ornate Joyetech Ornate

Removing and replaceing the coil head simply requires the head to be unscrewed from the atomiser base.

Joyetech Ornate

Here we can see where the coil head sits and how the positive contact reaches to it.

Joyetech Ornate Joyetech Ornate

The atomiser base has 3 air flow slots that can be opened or closed by turning the base collar.

Joyetech Ornate

The Joyetech Ornate has a stainless steel positive pin as part of the standard 510 connector.

The Joyetech Ornate is not a standard 22mm atomiser, it is a 25mm diamter device with a 70mm length.

So, opinions …

The Joyetech Ornate is an accomplished atomiser, I cant help but be reminded (perhaps just because of the triple coil coil head) of the TFV. Maybe, even though this is by no means a copy, the TFV inspired it.

Air flow will cause no complaints from users, it is as large or as small as anyone could want it to be. The adjustment is smooth and easy to use.

Vapour production with either of the supplied coil heads is superb, I tended to prefer the stainless steel coil head but mainly due to my love of temperature control.
Although both coils suggest power ranges much higher I found both gave great vapes at about 50-65 watts.

Coil replacement is easy, just unscrew one and screw in another.  It has to be said though that the liquid adjustment ring on the triple coil head does complicate things a little, due to it rotating whilst trying to unscrew the coil head.

Liquid filling is a piece of cake, just unscrew the top cap and fill. No problems.

The over sized drip tip is fantastic, really really like this. I also like people have the option to use an adaptor to allow regular drip tips if they want.

The Joyetech Ornate gets its name from the decoration of the atomiser, I looked at this when it arrived and haven’t noticed it since. OK so it gave the device a name, but it adds nothing more than that.

I mentioned the TFV earlier, it had some issues. It could leak or flood if the user wasn’t careful. The Ornate has no leak or flooding issues at all, I even left it with liquid in and top cap off for some time and no flooding.
On the opposite hand, it also wicks great. Although I didn’t push the power up as high as it claims to go, it did keep up well with heavy vaping without dry hits.

High power use and heavy vaping will cause the Ornate to get warm to the tough. I am not fond of this myself but it is nothing to worry about really.

All in all I like the Joyetech Ornate a lot, although I don’t like the 25mm diameter (I personally prefer 22mm atomisers).
If you want a 25mm replaceable coil head atomiser then the Ornate is definitely one to consider.

A quick look online and I found the Ornate at £27/33$/30€, good pricing

More info as always from the Joyetech website here Joyetech Delta atomiser


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