Kanger Arymi Armor box mod kit

Kanger Arymi Armor Kit

Last time I took a look at the Kanger Arymi One (review link), the Kanger Arymi Armor Kit has a lot of similarities (specifically the atomiser) and I won’t be repeating what I wrote about that again this time.

Kanger Arymi Armor Kit Kanger Arymi Armor Kit Kanger Arymi Armor Kit

The Kanger Arymi Armor kit comes in a neat cardboard box with the device pictured on the front.
The box has an authentication sticker on the side, and the back has details of what to expect inside.

Kanger Arymi Armor Kit

Here we can see the box contents.

Kanger Arymi Armor Kit Kanger Arymi Armor Kit

Simple but helpful instructions on the use of the device and atomiser.

Kanger Arymi Armor Kit

I was sent the black edition of the kit, this is a powder coated black finish. Also available is a white version and a stainless steel version (more on that one later).

Kanger Arymi Armor Kit

The only extras in the kit are a set of atomiser o-rings and a (rather short) USB charging cable.

Kanger Arymi Armor Kit Kanger Arymi Armor Kit Kanger Arymi Armor Kit

As I said, the Armor shares a lot with the Arymi One. The atomiser is the exact same atomiser, with the exception that this one is not a hybrid and the atomiser can be removed due to its 510 thread connector.
This of cause allows the atomiser to be used on other devices, and for the Armor device to be used with other atomisers (as long as they aren’t too wide to fit).

Kanger Arymi Armor Kit

The Kanger Arymi Armor is an interesting device. It has no temperature control or even output control, it just outputs a current limited battery voltage.
Essentially the same as the Kanger Arymi One did, you just have a single button to press, that outputs whatever voltage you have left in the battery.

Kanger Arymi Armor Kit

On the subject of the battery, you have a non-replaceable battery (secured under a cover with a star-screw securing it) with the same 2600mAh capacity we saw in the Kanger Arymi One.

Kanger Arymi Armor Kit Kanger Arymi Armor Kit Kanger Arymi Armor Kit

The Kanger Arymi Armor gets its name from the atomiser ‘shield’. This removable surround acts like a vape band would and protects the atomiser glass from accidental knocks.
It is held in place by several small neodymium magnets and can easily be removed and replaced if you wish to.

Kanger Arymi Armor Kit

The device has a stainless steel threaded, and brass positive pin, standard 510 atomiser mount. Due to the ‘recessed’ nature of the device design, you might struggle with atomisers over say 22-23mm wide.

Kanger Arymi Armor Kit

As I said earlier the battery is 2600mAh and held under a cover that is held in place with a screw. Being the curious sort I had a peek underneath and found a 18650 sized battery, but with soldered tags so no easy way to replace it even if you unscrew the cover.
You can see in the cover some venting, in case it is needed.

Kanger Arymi Armor Kit Kanger Arymi Armor Kit

The controls for the Kanger Arymi Armor are simple. One button and one simple display.
The button is the usual 5 clicks on and 5 clicks off type, and a normal press (when on) will send power to the attached atomiser.
The display has nothing but a set of 5 dots, and indicates remaining charge (20% per dot).Below the display is a micro USB port to recharge the battery.

Kanger sent the black version for review but were also kind enough to send along a stainless steel version for me to look at.
Here are a few pics of that one as well.

Kanger Arymi Armor Kit Kanger Arymi Armor Kit Kanger Arymi Armor Kit Kanger Arymi Armor Kit

Stunning looks in stainless, I love the combination of polished and brushed finishes on it.

The device has the usual safety features for such a device, it is current limited, has low resistance and low battery voltage protection as well as high temperature protection and 10 second ‘puff’ limiter.

So, opinions…

Much like the Arymi One, this Kanger Arymi Armor is very simple and basic. It does what it needs to and nothing else.
I kind of like that. Even though I use temperature controlled devices personally there is something elegant about how a well made basic device can be.

I liked the atomiser on the Arymi One, no surprise (as it is the same) that I like this Armor one as well.

The black powder coated box mod is nice, the stainless steel one is stunning. OK both do the same thing but it just looks amazing.

I rather like that you can take of the Armor ‘guard’, not sure why they did it so you could but I find it allows me to unscrew an atomiser more easily with it off.

Fixed battery is a little bit of a disappointment if i am honest, I like to be able to change a battery and to charge them externally as well.

Overall a good device that is well made, solid and functions very well. Ideal for those new vapers that just want to ‘plug and play’ and prefer a box to a tube format device.

I am seeing these in online stores for $38 but don’t count on that price as the device could be more when stock lands.

Arymi has a new (so new its still in development) site at www.arymi.com

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