Kanger Subox Nano Kit

Kanger Subox Nano

This week I am taking a look at the Kanger Subox Nano, this is basically the same device as the previously reviewed Kanger Subox which you can read here.

It is 82×37.5×21.5mm in size and 97grammes in weight (without the battery), 13grammes lighter than the Subox and virtually the same size except the new profile (which we will see below).
The other specs are the same, still 7-50watts regulated power with an ohm range of 0.3 to 1.6ohms (and higher at the cost of the 50watts max. being reduced). All features and use remains the same.
My opinions of the Subox apply to this exactly the same.

So, with all that said, here is a nice gallery of pictures to show what the Nano is like. Is comes in Black, Purple and the Pink that they sent me (really would have preferred the black).

Kanger Subox Nano Kanger Subox Nano

Same packaging as we have seen with the Subox.

Kanger Subox Nano Kanger Subox Nano Kanger Subox Nano Kanger Subox Nano

Same bundle of parts, except the notably missing RBA (the Nano tank is too small to fit an RBA into)

Kanger Subox Nano Kanger Subox Nano

The profile of the Nano has a narrowing to suit the Nano Subtank, wider where the 18650 battery fits.

Kanger Subox Nano Kanger Subox Nano Kanger Subox Nano

Same markings and venting as before.

Kanger Subox Nano

Same OLED display and coloured buttons.

Kanger Subox Nano

Cover comes off for battery installation. Same magnetic cover retention, they seem to have improved cover alignment though.

Kanger Subox Nano Kanger Subox Nano Kanger Subox Nano Kanger Subox Nano Kanger Subox Nano

The Subtank Nano included in the kit, it has the revised airflow setup and uses the same coils (now vertical) as all the Subtank range.
This Subtank Nano has no coatings on the internals, just the regular stainless steel.

Kanger Subox Nano Kanger Subox Nano

Just to compare the sizes between the Subox Nano and the Subox.

Apart from not being secure enough a person to wander about vaping a pink device (lol), the only downside to the Nano (for me) is the lack of RBA due to the tank being too small to fit it in. Otherwise this is just as good as the Subox was.

Electronically it is the same, size wise it is a little smaller in the hand and the Subtank Nano is obviously a bit more subtle. Personally I would opt for the Subox due the the lack of RBA but other than that and size there is nothing between them.

I have only seen the initial price of $74 for the kit, it should be reaching stores soon.

More details as usual can be found on the Kanger site here …

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