Kanger Subox box mod atomiser kit

Kanger Subox box mod atomiser kit

Today I am taking a look at the Kanger Subox.

Kanger Subox

The Subox is available in a White (with black accents) or Black (with red accents) version.

Kanger Subox

Inside the box there is a wealth of goodies. There is the box mod, a Subtank mini in matching colours, 2 coil heads, a RBA head, spare screws for the RBA head, cotton, screw driver, stickers, advice card, warranty/authenticity card, user guide, USB cable and a spare drip tip in the opposite colour to the mod.

Kanger Subox

As I said there are 2 versions, and here they are. I have been using the Black one a lot, so I think I will photograph the White one fresh from the box.

Kanger Subox

The Subtank Mini that is included has not been changed other than the nice White (or Black) paint job. It is rather nice looking and well wearing, the drip tip is now in Delrin (and you get a black and a white one in each kit).
Kanger call the new coating on the atomiser and box mod an ‘aqueous ceramic coating’.

Kanger Subox Kanger Subox Kanger Subox

So I said the atomiser was unchanged, but the coil heads are. They are now in vertical coil format, something I wished for with the original Subtanks and now here it is.
Included are 0.5 and 1.5 ohm coils.

Kanger Subox

The RBA has also undergone some changes. It now has much much wider juice holes in place of the tiny channels it had before. They have also added a locking screw, to stop the body unscrewing from the base at the wrong time.

Kanger Subox

So, the box mod. It has a fixed 510 pin this time, designed to match the Subtank atomiser included.

Kanger Subox

A similar Kanger logo cutout for venting in the battery door, and Kangertech name on the body in the contrasting colour to your mod.

Kanger Subox Kanger Subox

The front has the mini USB port for charging, the up/down buttons for adjustments, the display and the ‘fire’ button.

Kanger Subox

The base has the usual CE marks, and a notch to ease the removal of the battery cover.

Kanger Subox

The battery cover is held in place by 4 strong magnets. The battery is (strangely) inserted with the positive down towards the base of the device.

The device can push out 50 watts and fire a coil as low as 0.3ohms.
The display is a bright OLED display, it shows the typical ohms/volts/watts and is clearly visible in sunlight.
Safety features are usual open/short atomiser circuit, reverse battery, mod temperature, 10 seconds vape limit.

So, opinions…

The previous KBox was, in my opinion, a disaster due to the weak design of the 510 pin. This time with the ‘KBox Mini’ (as the box mod is now called) they have used a fixed 510 pin.
Whilst this lack of adjustment might be a limiting factor with other devices, this kit has an included atomiser (and a damned good one at that) with 2 coil heads and a rebuildable head.
The kit is complete and designed to integrate together, which it does well.

The change to vertical coils in the coil heads is a more than welcome change. The vapour quality is greatly improved, tastes better, wicks better and give denser clouds.

Then there is the new RBA head. The old version was a bit weak on wicking speed, this one most certainly is not. It allows for great juice flow even with thick VG liquids.
The addition of the locking screw is a welcome one, I for one had more than a few occasions when the RBA base got stuck in the atomiser base due to the RBA body and base unscrewing.

Then there is the KBox Mini itself.
The display is simple and functional, no complaints there. It is even easy to view in sunlight.
The buttons are neat, dont rattle about and have a light but clicky feel.
The coating is hard wearing, they claim it to be a ceramic coating and it certainly seems to be scratch resistant.
50 watts is a good upper limit, and 0.3 is about as low as I would want to go on a single cell non-temperature regulated device.

The only small complaint I have is the battery door, it can be a little off center and drift (just 1-2mm) up and down if you grip the device ‘wrong’. A small locating pin/peg would have solved this.

The mod is 82mm x 40mm x 22mm and weighs in at 110grammes (without battery)

The kits retail for $83 (thats about £55 or €75), they are arriving in retailers soon, if not right now.

More details as usual can be found on the Kanger site here …

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2 thoughts on “Kanger Subox box mod atomiser kit

  1. WAyne jones

    Hi I just ordered the the one tank only not the mod box, will they start selling the rba separate ? As I no it Dnt come wiv the tank thanks

    1. timbozero

      I have not heard from them as to whether the RBA will become available separately. I assume that it will (once older stocks clear) become the standard RBA in all the Subtank kits (except the Nano).

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