Smokjoy Air 50 VW/TC mod

Smokjoy Air 50

This week I am taking a look at the Smokjoy Air 50, a variable watts and temperature control mod with an internal 1200mAh battery.

Smokjoy Air 50 Smokjoy Air 50

The Smokjoy Air 50 comes in a rather nice little box, with a clear window you can clearly see the product you are paying for.

Smokjoy Air 50

Inside the box you will find your tiny little device.

Smokjoy Air 50

Also included is a branded USB lead for charging the device, and also a branded vape-band.

Smokjoy Air 50 Smokjoy Air 50

There is also a user guide,m it is somewhat sparse but it will get you started using the device correctly.

Smokjoy Air 50

The top of the device has the steel threaded and brass positive pin 510 connection. I checked the positive pin and I could not detect any give in it, this suggests that it is not spring loaded or self adjusting.

Smokjoy Air 50

The bottom of the device has a micro USB port for charging the internal (fixed) 1200mAh battery. There is also some venting for the battery.

Smokjoy Air 50 Smokjoy Air 50

The back of the device is just a plain curved surface, on the front there is the control buttons. The up and down controls are large and clicky buttons on the bottom of the flat side. The fire (and menu) button is an oval clicky button on the curved corner between the top and side.

Smokjoy Air 50

The display, rather than being on the control face of the device, is on the larger side panel. It is a large and fairly bright LED screen that even shows well under my photo booth lighting.

Smokjoy Air 50 Smokjoy Air 50 Smokjoy Air 50

The Smokjoy Air 50 has several modes of use. You can use it in temperature control for nickel, titanium or stainless steel (316 grade), or if you prefer it can output in a normal power mode (7-50 watts) and there is even a bypass mode that will output the battery voltage to the atomiser like a mechanical does.

A few specs for you…

The Smokjoy Air 50 measures 34 x 22.5 x 58mm, it has a 1200mAh battery capacity.
In ‘Power’ mode it can output 7-50 watts and use 0.2-3.0 ohm coils.
There are 3 ‘TC’ modes (Ni, Ti and SS)which allow coils from 0.15-1 ohms, and temperature control ranges of 100-315’C (212~600’F).
The device also has a full power ‘Bypass’ mode.
There are the usual safety features such as low battery, short circuit, over temperature etc..

So, opinions…

Firstly, the Smokjoy Air50 was provided to me, free of charge for review, by Heaven Gifts (an online, China based, retailer). I received no other incentives for this review.

The Smokjoy Air 50 is a tiny and fairly well features device. Its tiny dimensions are really nice and I rather like the positioning of the buttons and display.
Use is simple and menus to set it up are simple.

The instructions are a little sparse, they could be better but they do cover the basics.

The device works well, the temperature control seems to protect the user (and coil) correctly, the watts mode has plenty of power for such a small device.

If I had to complain then I would prefer that it had a replaceable battery. That said this is a disposable device and the price reflects that.

All in all, thumbs up from me on the Smokjoy Air 50, tiny device, great power, great price.

The Smokjoy Air 50 is available from many retailers including Heaven Gifts, who charge $35 for the device.
A link to the device at Heaven Gifts is here
They will even give you a discount of 10% on your order if you use the code ATIMBO

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