YiHi SX Mini regulated mod

YiHi SX Mini regulated mod


Today I take a look at the YiHi SX Mini regulated mod.

I have been a long term fan of the YiHi series of regulated chips for a while now. Finally YiHi have released their own regulated ‘box’ mod, powered with their chips.

YiHi SX Mini regulated mod

Arriving in a sleeved hard cardboard box.

YiHi SX Mini regulated mod

Inside we have our mod, cushioned in a foam insert.

YiHi SX Mini regulated mod

In the lid is an envelope, containing the quick user and the serialised warranty card.

YiHi SX Mini regulated mod

As well as the SX Mini mod there is a USB charging and data lead.

YiHi SX Mini regulated mod

The device has a sculpted face panel, recesses on the edges and a curved top where the fire button blends into the 510 connection.

YiHi SX Mini regulated mod

The body is in two main parts, the panel and body. The body is lightly sculpted at the top, just below the 510 connection.

YiHi SX Mini regulated mod

The 510 connection is a raised ‘plate’ which has small air channels in it.

YiHi SX Mini regulated mod

In the base is a screw in battery negative cap. The base is quite flat, allowing the mod to rest securely on the base.

YiHi SX Mini regulated mod

The mod is upgradeable (firmware) and can charge the battery via this USB port.

YiHi SX Mini regulated mod

The 510 pin is brass and self adjusting (up to 4.5mm)

YiHi SX Mini regulated mod

The fire button is long and wide, it can be pressed from any angle even on the edges.

YiHi SX Mini regulated mod

Above the USB port are 2 buttons, these act as up and down for menu, memory and power features.

YiHi SX Mini regulated mod

The bottom cap unscrews easily, or a coin could be used if you prefer.

YiHi SX Mini regulated mod

The inside of the cap has a raised center to contact the battery negative.

YiHi SX Mini regulated mod

It screws into a brass tube inside the SX Mini. YiHi tell me that this tube will be how the extension (to allow higher power) will attach.

YiHi SX Mini regulated mod

Inside, at the top of the inner tube, is a spring loaded positive contact. This allows for any variance in battery length of your 18650s.

YiHi SX Mini regulated mod

The display is large and clear, it has many pieces of information on it. Most of this will be familiar looking except the bottom line. These are your usage counter in Joules (measurement of energy , watts x seconds), which memory you are on and lastly the power mode (there are 3)

YiHi SX Mini regulated mod YiHi SX Mini regulated mod

And lastly a couple of photos with my Loki Odin dripper on it.

I should say a little more about the menu and features…

The SX Mini uses both gravity and button presses to change menu features. The gravity method is just tilting the device one way for up and the other for down. People preferring buttons can forget the gravity feature and use buttons instead.

The device has 3 power modes, powerful/standard/soft which change how the power is applied. This is best explained with this picture.
Powerful starts a bit above the set power and reduces down to it, Soft starts a bit below the set power and increases to it and Standard just fires at the set power.

There is also the memory feature. There are 5 memory slots, each can be set to your preferred power settings and recalled quickly via the menus.

Another menu feature is the display orientation, this can be set to left, right or auto. Auto uses the gravity sensor to change between left and right depending on which way up the device is.

There are a couple more menu options but those are the main, important ones.

So, opinions …

OK so I am going to tell you the things I don’t like much, but I will start by first saying this is my favourite regulated device reviewed here so far.

That said , the device isn’t perfect…
The 510 is self adjusting and will adjust to a maximum of 4.5mm. This is a tiny amount less than I would have liked. In a collection like mine there are one or 2 atomisers that are longer than 4.5mm on the 510. Namely the notoriously long Magma dripper and the new MMVapors OverOne dripper. They are 4.8mm and 4.7mm respectively, and they sit just a little off flush on the SX Mini.
The corners on the bottom of the device on the control face, just below the USB port are a little ‘pointy’. Nothing major but noticeable in large hands such as mine. Some ‘profiling’ there, just a little curve, would make this device more comfortable.

Neither of these issue is a deal breaker though and as I said, this is still my favourite regulated mod that I have reviewed so far.

Now there are many things I do like.

The battery swap is virtually tool less, I can unscrew it with my thumb, you might want to use a coin though.

The button is well placed and comfortable to use in either hand

The overall design (except those corners I mentioned) is very comfortable to hold.

It is small and light, measuring only 94x42x25mm and weighing only 148grammes.

I love the usage counter on the display, it measures Joules rather than seconds, and resets with a battery change. This is like a trip odometer on your car, measuring use rather than drive time. It also will show up a battery that is under performing due to it being near then end of its life.

The auto sensing display that changes from left to right handed as I tilt the device.

A few more specs for you now.

The device is rated up to 60watts as stock, will do 85watts in ‘bypass mode’ (with the USB charging it) and can even do 100watts if you buy the optional extension to make the device dual 18650.

This just in from YiHi, the optional extension tube for dual batteries (100watts)
with tube

It will go as low as 0.15ohms with a maximum 3ohm limit. It outputs from 1 to a massive 9.5volts and 40amps max. 93% efficiency is also not bad.

The full specs are here

The firmware is upgradeable and the specs will most likely be improved upon with these updates. YiHi has an excellent track record of actually delivering these updates as well.

The device has a full one year warranty.

All in all, a great mod with a few minor places it could be improved on whilst still being loveable. Profile those corners and add 0.3mm to the 510 adjustment and I would be using this all day, every day.

I am seeing these in online stores for $190 (£150) at the moment.

More information is available from the YiHi website here YiHi web
The site has also has an authenticity checker (via the warranty serial number) and the software/firmares to upgrade the device with.
and their Facebook page here facebook

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22 thoughts on “YiHi SX Mini regulated mod

  1. Where can I buy the extension tube?

    1. timbozero

      Hello David, as far as I know the extension tube isn’t quite ready yet and will be released very shortly.

  2. Any new info on the release for the battery tube extender????

    1. timbozero

      I will post anything I get from YiHi here as soon as I hear anything.
      So far I know that they intend to make 2 types, the one shown in the review and second one that is styled like the mod itself to continue the aesthetic.

  3. Ed Jagla

    I finally received my SX Mini after missing out on the first round that were sold out before they were even released. All I can say about this regulated mod is wow !!. Yihi knocked it out of the park with this mod.Overall its absolutely near perfect.The size,looks,craftsmanship,performance,durability,and price of this mod are the reasons I bought this device.It’s actually one of if not the best made mod I’ve seen come out of China. It’s just the right size for my hand, and is conformed to fit perfectly in the palm of your hand. The fire button is placed exactly where it should be placed. Another excellent feature is the three different power levels to choose. Another great feature is to bypass the regulated chip and use it as a mechanical mod.I heard about the upgrade to 120 watts with a battery extension. I’ve got mixed feelings about how they are going about this upgrade. It’s perfect the way it is now, leave it they way it was intended as a “Mini”. Adding a battery extension not only takes away from its form factor but it looks totally ridiculous. Leave the SX Mini the way it was meant in the first place, and come out with a new mod all together that is 120 watts.

    1. timbozero

      Glad you liked it as much as I did Ed. Thank you for the feedback 🙂

  4. Dan Endo

    I’ve seen SX Mini white White LED Display light and one that is Blue? Is there a way to change the color or is it standard?

    1. timbozero

      Hello Dan, the display is standard/fixed colour (both the ones I have are white). I would call it a white display but it does have a ‘blue’ tint from the screen protector.
      It does look a little more blue under the studio lights than in ‘real life’ and is more white than any other colour.

  5. kourosh


    I got the SX Mini, really like the design but I’m running into an issue. Can’t figure out if its the board that’s bad or me !!

    The Resistance fluctuates greatly, as I vape. I’ve built a .7 ohm coil and as I use it, intermittently the device reads the resistance to be 2.7 sometimes 3.5+ and then it fires at very high watts. If I remove and reinstall the atty it goes back to normal ( .7x Ohms) and works fine.

    I have tried it on Kayfun v4, SquapeR, Origin Gene- I’ve used 28 & 26 gauge Kanthal. Intermitantly, it reads the ohms much higher!! Now if I only unscrew the atty and screw it back on its back to normal. Well, until it freaks out again.

    Any suggestions, Ideas?!! The Mini is running the v1.3 of the software. I have another box mod with standard SX-350 running v2.3, No problems

    thank you

    1. timbozero

      Hello Kourosh
      Couple of questions for you, Which of the SX Mini versions do you have (with or without slot in the 510 positive), the problem atomisers I assume are all genuine devices and have you tried these problem builds on an ohm meter to check their resistances ?
      Every build I have done on both SX Mini devices I received for reviewing (the original and the revised 510 versions) have found the resistance without issues and it did not fluctuate at all, except for a contact coil as it was settling in (stayed fixed after that).
      I would check for debris in the 510, loose connections in your atomiser builds etc..
      Let me know how you get on.

  6. Karen

    I’m having a problem with my new SX Mini. Just received it last weekend. It vapes great but I cannot get the tilt or gravity function to work. I don’t care about left and right menue, but without the gravity function I do not see a way to activate anything in the menu. The arrows never light up so I cannot turn the device off or put it in link mode etc. Do you know of a way that these adjustments can be made without the gravity feature? I have emailed Yihi and hope for answers. I took out the battery to see if after a reset if it would work but it did not. I bought two of these and they are both the same. I’ve tried five clicks and can get into the menu and can see all the options but since the arrows don’t light up and it doesn’t tilt I don’t know what else I can do to make it work. Any help will be greatly appreciated.

    1. timbozero

      Hello Karen, sorry to hear you are having troubles.

      On mine I press 3 to lock/unlock , 5 to enter menu. Once in the Menu I use the ‘fire’ button to scroll through the options but I do not know of a way to change each option other than a tilt to the side which activates the gravity sensor. If yours is not working I would suggest returning it to your store for a replacement.

      For power adjustments I don’t use the gravity but just the 3 buttons.

      Press fire button once,
      Press down button to scroll through the soft/standard/powerful


      Press fire once, then up button to select each memory.


      Press fire once, up once then down once. Repeat down to lower or up to raise power.

      Sounds strange but it is a very fast and easy way to change your settings.

      I never turn mine off, just battery out if I need to or lock it.

      I will be honest, never used link mode.

      1. Caleb McKee

        How do I turn the gravity sensor off? It’s stuck in a constant upward scroll and the buttons won’t work

        1. timbozero

          As far as I know there is no way to disable the gravity sensor on the current firmware version. I would suggest either taking it back to where you bought it for replacement, or alternatively there is a new firmware coming out this month which can ‘lock’ the gravity sensor.

  7. Shayne

    Hi I absolutely love your post here! I didn’t even look this vape up before I bought it. I had no hesitation just loved it like crazy. My only two questions are what did the latest update even do to the mod and what the heck is link mode? Thanks!

    1. timbozero

      Hi Shayne, thanks for the feedback, glad you liked it.
      There was a hardware update which I have also done an article for, is that what you mean or do you mean firmware ?
      As for the Link mode, I haven’t used it but I will ask Yihi and update this reply when they reply.

      1. timbozero

        Yihi got back to me already, it is to connect to the PC app to update the SX Mini

  8. Daniel

    I bought this from my local store and realized that my led screen is in white font and not blue like pictures shown all over the internet for sxmini. Is there an option to change led screen color or did I buy a fake one? Also some pictures show the connector piece show laser engraved patterns where mine is smooth.

    1. Daniel

      Nevermind, I saw the answer above it. Love the SXMINI, my goto mod when i’m leaving the house.

      1. timbozero

        Glad you found what you needed Daniel

  9. Riyono Sulaksono

    Perhaps for next update can use springloaded pin for 510 connector

    1. timbozero

      It is spring loaded, the early ones (this review) adjusted to about 4.5mm but that was fixed in the later versions (http://timbozero.com/news/sx-mini-update/) to a better 4.8mm

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